2013 WI Health and Human Services Facts

​843 people died from overdoses in 2013 (WI)
45% Opiod Pain Relievers:  Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Methadone; 27% Heroin

With over 6950 Narcan saves, this is approximately

1 overdose every hour...every day...all year



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WI United We CAN provides educational opportunities  for families, organizations,  businesses, and schools about addiction and its impacts on our families and communities.

Contact us at:
LoriCS@changeaddictionnow.org KrisM@changeaddictionnow.org 



Kris Murphy
Wisconsin President/Executive Director
​Certified Recovery Coach

Kris is a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and has worked in the medical field for over 20 years, most recently as the Clinical Staff Educator for the Sleep Lab at a local hospital. She is also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and enjoys helping others attain their health goals with an emphasis on helping families touched by addiction. Kris uses her direct patient care background to assist in reaching out to families in need. Also the mother of an addict in recovery, Kris has left the medical field to pursue her passion...providing more education, resources, and awareness to communities in light of the rising drug epidemic.


       Your tax deductible donations allow us to:

  • Spread awareness and education to families, organizations, and communities including Good Drugs Gone Bad (Town of Menasha Police Dept. Program)
  • Deliver business training on addiction impacts to the workplace
  • Create informational materials on addiction and recovery
  • Build peer-to-peer support programs for WI communities
  • Engage families in activities to advocate for change
  • Develop a network of resources related to addiction and recovery
  • ​Provide recovery coach services to families (Click here for FLYER)



Wisconsin United We C.A.N. is a non-profit organization for anyone whose life has been affected by substance use and/or addiction. We recognize that this disease impacts not only those with the addiction, but also their friends and family.  We believe that providing support, education and the opportunity to make a difference helps them move forward through their own recovery.  Wisconsin CAN knows that helping families, helps communities and our society address the issues related to addiction.  We know that recovery IS possible and welcome all who want to work with us to make a difference!

Appleton Housing Authority's non-profit Neighborhood Housing, Inc (NHI) provides fiscal sponsorship for Wisconsin United We C.A.N. allowing us operate as a 501c3 and provide tax deductions for our donors.  Donations designated for Wisconsin United We C.A.N. go to NHI, who processes them on our behalf under IRS non-profit guidelines.  The Appleton Housing Authority's mission is fighting poverty and inspiring self-sufficiency which is key to long-term recovery.  Wisconsin United We C.A.N. appreciates the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization in support of families in our communities. Click here to learn more about what their organization offers: Appleton Housing Authority

Wisconsin C.A.N.

Change Addiction Now


​​​Change Addiction Now


Leadership Team
Julie Williams, Director of Online Support
Wendy Steward, Director of Grief Support
Jessica Geschke, Sibling Co-leader and AODA Support Advisor
Nadine Machkovech, Sibling Co-leader 

Katie Liaromatis, Sibling Co-leader

Tricia Zellner, Family Grief Support Co-Coordinator
Brenda Tratar, Beaver Dam CAN Coordinator​

Becky Lee, Marshfield CAN Coordinator
​Martine Tate, Milwaukee Area CAN Coordinator
Kris Murphy, Fox Valley CAN Coordinator
Paula Jolly, Green Bay CAN Coordinator
Sharon Huisman, Portage/Columbia Cty CAN Coordinator


Lori Cross Schotten
Founder Wisconsin C.A.N.
Co-Founder Change Addiction Now United We C.A.N.
​Certified Recovery Coach

Lori, one of the co-founders of the national organization and founder of Wisconsin CAN, has a degree in Training and Development and over 20 years of adult education development and delivery. She has also led organizational change efforts and is a Certified Scrum Master in Agile project management.  Lori uses her work and life experience as the parent of a child with an addiction to educate other families on addiction and recovery issues.  She is an advisory board member for WI Voices for Recovery, on several area task forces,and the Advisory Board Chairman for the national organization. Lori believes that sharing her son's story with prescription opiates may help other families understand the dangers of legal drugs.

Click to join one of our private, online groups for support! 


Fox Valley-Appleton
2nd and 4th Mondays
6:00 - 7:30 PM @ St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 1506 S Onieda St, Appleton (Main Entrance, Upstairs, Fowler Conference Room 2)

Fox Valley-Red Balloon (Parent Grief Group)
2nd Wednesdays
7:00 - 8:00 PM @ Solutions, 621 Evans St, Oshkosh
4th Wednesdays
7:00 - 8:00 PM @ Mooring House, 607 W 7th St, Appleton

Fox Valley-WI Grieving Loved Ones United(Anyone in Grief)
2nd Tuesdays
7:00 - 8:30PM @ Mooring House, 607 W 7th St, Appleton

Dodge Co-Beaver Dam
2nd and 4th Thursdays
6:30 - 8:00 PM @ Masonic Center, 1212 DeClark, Beaver Dam

Green Bay
Every Tuesday
6:30 - 7:30 PM @ DarJune Recovery Cafe, 1301 S Broadway, Green Bay

Every Thursday
7:00 - 8:00 PM @ Marshfield High School (Rm 78, Door 8), 1401 E Becker Rd, Marshfield

Milwaukee Area
2nd Mondays
6:00 - 7:30 PM @ Shorewood Library, 3920 N Murray Ave, Shorewood


2nd Mondays

6:30-8:00 PM @ United Methodist Church, 1804 New Pinery Rd, Portage