What is Peer Support?

One definition of Peer Support is "a system of giving and receiving help founded on key principles of respect, shared responsibility, and mutual agreement of what is helpful." Source International Peer Support

"Peer support is not like clinical support, nor is it just about being friends. Unlike clinical help, peer support helps people to understand each other because they’ve “been there,” shared similar experiences and can model for each other a willingness to learn and grow."  Source Discovering the Fidelity Standards of Peer Support in an Ethnographic Evaluation

Change Addiction Now is helping families by providing evidence-based information through peer support on social media and in local grassroots support groups. C.A.N. strives to give families the support they deserve based on current research, information and data provided by the leaders in addiction medicine, research and science and through adopting a peer support program as described and endorsed by:

(Note: we do not provide medical or legal advice only resources and support).


​​​Change Addiction Now

"Empowerment happens when a person who is seen as the problem begins to see him or herself as part of the solution."

— Saul Alinsky

"Those who provide authentic peer support believe in recovery and work to promote the values that:

  • Recovery is a right.
  • Recovery is unique to the individual.
  • Recovery is a journey, not a destination.
  • Self-directed recovery is possible for everyone, with or without professional help (including the help of peer specialists or peer providers).

Family Peer Support:

What is it and Why Families Need it.

(And how to choose a support group that is evidence-based and works for you)