Your tax deductible donations also help pay for materials and services to
provide outreach and services to families just like yours. 
Families who don't know there is support available just for them.

Your donation gives hope and provides the tools for healthier families.

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"I spy" Family prevention awareness program.

I Spy is not here to teach families how to "spy" on each other.  I Spy is like the child's game.  What do you see when you enter your child's room, your garage, your bathroom or even your local mini mart.

Contact Us for more information about how families, schools, businesses, and corporations can help Change Addiction Now through this new awareness and prevention program.


C.A.N. empowers by providing events and opportunities for its members to advocate for reform that will benefit everyone.

C.A.N. hold three national events each year: Words of Change, Steps of Change and Lights of Change.  We hope you will join with us in these events.  To become a partner or sponsor of one or more event please contact or through our Contact Us link above.

Your donations go to help cover the costs of these empowering advocacy events and we thank you.


Education is an important aspect in learning about any disease, and especially so with addiction.

Change Addiction Now is providing free educational tool-kits to our grassroots leaders and on social media.  These educational tool-kits will provide another layer of peer support to families dealing with substance use disorder.

C.A.N.'s educational tool-kits come with all the materials, handouts, activities and information needed to help families by dispelling myths and misperceptions about addiction, while providing the most current evidence-based information and resources so desperately needed by families. 

By helping families learn how addiction creates an unhealthy environment, we can help them restore those traits needed to become healthy and in balance once again, even in the midst of addiction.

Note:  The first four kits will be available June 2015.  To learn more or to open your own C.A.N. support chapter (we'll show you how) you can contact us through the link above or through our Facebook groups.


Research shows that peer support is one of the most important services a family impacted by addiction can receive and C.A.N. aspires to do it right!

Our peer support groups, whether on-line or grass-roots, receive evidence-based information and resources in a nonjudgmental environment.  We even have specialized support groups, such as our Moms C.A.N. group just for women.

All of our support group leaders receive an intensive orientation before they are able to administer a group.  We are continuing to build upon and expand our training and your donations help provide this service to help families become healthier.


Change Addiction Now (C.A.N.) is a nonprofit project of The Hub for Community Action dedicated to bringing the family voice to addiction and awareness by embracing, educating and empowering families and communities impacted by addiction. 

Your generous tax-deductible donations go to support the following programs.  These are evidence-based service programs which help create healthier families and communities.  Every dollar helps and no donation is too small.

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Educational and informational pamphlets include: