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WHY TAKE THE PLEDGE? There is strength in numbers! Show your conviction with your signature, so we can give voice and show the power of families in the crusade against substance abuse disorder. Don’t worry, your information is safe. We never sell or share individual contact data.


Give Hope and Help Provide Tools for Healthier Families
Tax deductible donations help pay for:

•Materials and services to provide outreach  and services to families just like yours--families who don't know there is support available just for them.

•Advocacy events like Steps of Change, Lights of Change and Words of Change, to bring our voice face-to-face in the community and to critical influencers like legislators, researchers and community leaders.

•Educational tool kits for families, e.g., "Opioid Overdose and Risk Factors"

•Community Outreach services, e.g., I Spy

$25 pays for 200 flyers with dozens of resources for families who may not know where to turn

$50 supports one C.A.N. member to testify in his/her state capital in favor of legislation that increases treatment programs for those with Substance Use Disorder (S.U.D.)

$100pays for six months of website hosting fees for changeaddictionnow.org, a resource for thousands of families throughout the country every month.

$150 covers materials for an “I Spy” program, where volunteers show community members the not-so-innocent items that may be found in your child’s bedroom and what they mean.

Change Addiction Now is a project of the Hub For Direct Community Action, A 501(C)3 non-profit organization.

Change Addiction Now (C.A.N.) brings the family voice to addiction and recovery by embracing, educating and empowering families and communities impacted by substance use disorder. 

I pledge to :
Learn as much as I can
about recent research that explains addiction for what it is--a chronic, often relapsing brain disease--in order to help EDUCATE and thereby shatter the stigma, misinformation and shame that surrounds the disease and keeps families, persons with the disease and communities so stuck in destructive cycles. 

EMBRACE others
who share my journey and when (if ever) I am comfortable doing so--share my own story, successes, fears, setbacks and constant worry in order to help others and from them find help for myself so that I might be part of the solution, end my isolation and put a face on the family disease of addiction. 

Unite with others
including amily members, legislators, community leaders and whomever else is interested to EMPOWER the Change Addiction Now (C.A.N.) grassroots movement because

Take Action