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OhioCAN on the move,

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Many Families in Ohio have been  burdened by the weight of secret shame and guilt brought on by  having a family member diagnosed with a Substance Use.  They hide this secret from friends, co-workers, even from other family members because too often they are held to blame for something they "didn't cause, can't cure, and can't control.”

Healthy Ohio families have been impacted with unforeseen financial burdens, consequences of PTSD, health, depression, criminal charges and much more.  

OhioCAN is the place where we reach out to one another and share our  stories, our successes, our setbacks, our fears and constant worry. It’s where we find the support to end our isolation and put a face on the family disease of addiction.

OhioCAN County Coordinators

Brandy Turco

Butler County


Dr. Jeanette Moleski

Advisory Board

Debra Lawrence

Richland, Ashland


"These are issues, and these are words that have a dramatic impact on both clinical care and about how medical professionals actually see and treat people with addiction."   Michael Botticelli

Tracy Shaarda Krueger

Erie, Huron

County Coordinator

Chris Ziegler

Social Media Director

Carly Frey

Education Chair, 

NE Area Director

Marybeth Day

Portage County


People who struggle with addiction face a wide range of stigmas. A stigma is a mark of disgrace that sets a person or a group apart. Biased, hurtful words, attitudes, and behavior represent prejudices against people with substance use disorder, and often lead to their discrimination and exclusion.  Stigmas can also create barriers for people with addiction seeking treatment.

​On why the words are changing

"Now, we have language that comports with our understanding of addiction as a disease. Not as a moral failing, not as a character flaw. A word like 'abuse,' it implies volition, it implies intent — and not to say that people with addiction don't make choices — it negates the fact that they have a disease and they need treatment. And, not only does that impact on an individual level, it impacts on the policy level. So you think about our history of how we treat people with addiction, and largely it's been with punitive criminal justice responses, not with, you know, robust health responses to this. You know, from my standpoint, this is one of the simple things that we can do, I think, that will have a direct impact on how people perceive themselves and the care that people get." - Michael Botticelli

Jennifer Reed

Columbiana Asst.

Ron Stromsky

Stark Country Recovery


Join us for the 16th Annual Rally for Recovery at the Ohio Statehouse -

West Plaza! Fun, Food, Fellowship, and Advocacy!

10:00 - 11:30 am - Rally for Recovery
11:30 - 2:00 pm - Advocacy Day, meeting with your legislator

​                        OCAAR is dedicated to advocating for those in and seeking recovery and                      fighting against the stigma and discrimination associated with addiction.

Laura Cash

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OhioCAN Treasurer

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OhioCAN State Director
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OhioCAN recognizes addiction is a family disease for which families need recovery too. We also know families are the missing piece to solving the epidemic of addiction. 

It is our mission to bring the family voice to addiction and recovery empowering families to create an atmosphere of open exchange without shame or stigma.

OhioCAN currently has leadership in 15 counties throughout Ohio. If you are interested in forming a Peer2Peer group, hosting an event or just want to eliminate stigma in your hometown, please email Cindyk@changeaddictionnow.org to get started. 

Why donate to OhioCAN?

C.A.N. is the first organization of its kind to focus directly on the health of the family impacted by substance use. 

While our Mission is "BringingYOUR Voice to Addiction and Recovery," our Vision is to "Embrace,  Educate and Empower those whose lives have been impacted by substance use."  And for this, we need your help. No donation is too small as we continue to reach out to communities and families removing the stigma and shame.  

C.A.N. is a project of The Hub for Direct Community Action, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization